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Training and Placement

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traning and placement


BN Global Consulting Services (T/ A Global Career Abroad) has successfully partnered with some universities abroad

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Thinking ahead

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Boosting your Global Academic Prospects through Unparalleled Expertise

Based out of New Delhi, India, BN Global Consulting Services (T/ A Global Career Abroad) offers to you one of a kind services that allow you to maximize your prospects in academic learning and professional growth in Australia, New Zealand and/or Canada.

With the help of strategic partnerships such as that with BN Global Consulting Services Private Limited (T/ A Global Career Abroad) in Australia, we are able to bring together the right kind of expertise required to provide seamless services for all your application and immigration requirements.

It is our goal to find efficient ways to marry the right candidate with the right global program in manner that guarantees significant professional and social growth. Taking into consideration the achievements by our team as well as our students, we have been able to deliver high acceptance rates across universities in the countries we cater to.

In addition to this, we have also ventured into training aspiring candidates for various professional programs.

Elementary Education

Education is a significant input in human resource development in advanced countries.

Higher Education

Believe in yourself, So that with the help of higher education you can achieve all you have dreamed.

Informal Education

Some see informal education as the learning that goes on in daily life, As friends.

What people say ?

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Ashish Programmer

strtsStreamlining and sorting through my dreams along with my abilities with professionals helped me make an all rounded decision about what I wanted to pursue. Today I am one of the few that can proudly claim to have matched all the short term goals I set for myself as a student all thanks to BN Global Consulting Services(T/ A Global Career Abroad). closeicon


Abhijeet Developer

strtAlthough I always knew I would study abroad, there was very little information available that could prepare me for the entire process of studying in a new place. From sorting through colleges to understanding the difference in their working, only experts and the very best could save me from this situation and they did. clsed