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Getting a Head Start on your Academics

Before you depart for your further education in Australia, New Zealand or Canada, it is critical that you work closely with your academic advisor to understand the right courses that you need to take up to achieve your long-term goals.

While being able to fulfill the requirements of the degree you intend to acquire depend on a number of factors, engaging with our advisor gives you a holistic picture as to where you stand academically and what you can do to set foot on the road to achieving your goals. Such information proves to be especially of good use once you are about to start your term at the international university and need to select the right courses.

Declaring your Major

If you have already declared your major, make it a point to get in touch with your advisor at the university who will also be able to help you with all your requirements. However, if you are still unclear about what to major in, getting in touch with the general advising office on your campus can give you a good idea on the generic requirements.

Grades and Credits

At M/s BN Global Consulting Services Private Limited, our strategic partners based in Australia, you will be considered to be a regularly enrolled student at your home university. All your coursework will be displayed in your academic record (also often referred to as a transcript). In this document, your course titles, grades and credits will be listed in detail.

Note that on prior approval from your program coordinator you will be able to take courses for pass/no pass or satisfactory/unsatisfactory credit. Make sure your requests in this situation are made in writing and before 70% of your course is about to be completed.

Course Equivalency and Graduation

If you wish for the programs you pursue overseas to be recorded in the academic record of your home university, the study abroad office is able to establish a course equivalency for the program you pursued abroad.

Go through the BN Global Consulting Services Private Limited website for a complete list of programs that fall under this category and what kind of credit one can expect for these programs. However, if you pick a program that does not provide equivalency or where it is out of date (i.e. earned over 7 years ago) you will be requested to complete the course description with the help of the staff at BN Global Consulting. Finally, if your course is yet to be evaluated, make it a point to email or bring your course description, reading lists and syllabus of all your courses to the program coordinator on your campus.

For additional information on your academic requirements, feel free to contact our team at BN Global Consulting Services.