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Admission Services

Through the partnerships developed by M/s BN Global Consulting Services Private Limited with universities in Australia, Global Career Abroad has been able to offer high quality assistance throughout the admission process to candidates willing to study abroad.

High Acceptance Rates

Deserving and qualified students are able to receive impeccable admission assistance right from the beginning, hereby ensuring a high acceptance rate overall. By taking a more practical approach towards admissions we help make sure that our students do not face any form of disappointment.

How do we ensure this?

  • Providing comprehensive assistance is selecting the right list of schools to apply in of which you meet the minimum requirement
  • Providing help in choosing the right course that the student will be able to cope in and also leverage for career growth
  • Assistance in application essay writing and recommendation letters
  • Impeccable form filling and documentation procedures.

Our partnerships at BN Global Consulting Services are only with reputed universities that ensure a certain high standard of education.

Our Admission Services

Our focus is to make sure that your application is submitted to the right instate and that is matches all the criterions from both ends. This includes taking info consideration factors such as –

  • Finance and financial assistance
  • The students academic qualifications
  • The ability of the student to cope with the course
  • The academic requirements of the course
  • Student life at the University
  • Opportunities to work along with study
  • Entrance exam requirements such as IELTS, TOEFL, GRE, GMAT, SAT, etc.

BN Global Consulting Services Advantage

At BN Global Consulting Services, we pay special attention to your application at all stages. It is our goal to help you highlight the right areas in your resume or profile and make sure that it is presented well without any errors. We assess your application in great depth before approving it to be sent to the admission committee.

Furthermore, at BN Global Consulting Services, proactive measures are taken to follow up on the receipt of your application and its progress. As soon as any information is gathered with regards to the status of your application, our team contacts the students within 24 hours with information on the next possible steps one must take.

With transparent and proactive services, BN Global Consulting Services Advantage offers unparalleled admission services that pave the path to a progressive future for every candidate that applies through us.

For more information call us on 04-02652084, 03-86486464 (Australia) and +91-9560910913(India) or write to us on info@globalcareerabroad.com.au.