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Donation for Charity

BN Global consulting who is a well know Education and migration firm in Australia has formed an association with one of Australia well know charities Stroke foundation. Through this association we intend to build and develop strong relation ship with Australia as a country and its people. Our commitment to Strong, Educated and balanced Australia. We will support stroke foundation with donations from our clients and friends who want to be a part of us during this process of supporting Stroke foundation. In the above process we intend to help this organization so there is less suffering and cause among people who are suffering and will try all possible means to reduce there problems and help them in serving there patients in long term.

For more information on our education visa services, call us on 01204114965(India), 0431596438, 04-02652084(Australia), 03-86486464(Australia) or write to us on info@globalcareerabroad.com.au.