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Education Visa Services

As a student opting to migrate Australia, New Zealand or any other country for higher education, one of the first things you need to take care of after receiving an offer letter is your education visa.

Meeting the Unique Requirements of a Student Visa

Each country comes with its own set of unique rules and requirements when applying for a student visa. With the help of our expert consultants at Global Careers Abroad, you will be able to make sure that all your documentation is in place and that your chances of being granted a student visa are high.

At Global Careers Abroad we Offer

  • Initial consulting
  • A checklist of necessary supporting documents
  • Assistance in registration and payment
  • Completion and submission of application online
  • Appointment booking where relevant
  • Communicating with the relevant visa and immigration office on your behalf
  • Receiving the visa

For more information on our education visa services, call us on 01204114965(India), 0431596438, 04-02652084(Australia), 03-86486464(Australia) or write to us on info@globalcareerabroad.com.au.