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Immigration Services

As daunting is the process of applying to universities abroad and finding the best possible program that boosts your career is; it is all the more daunting to worry about whether the country’s consulate will accept your candidature and allow you to pursue your goals in their homeland.

We at BN Global Consulting Services not only offer to you comprehensive services in academic application procedures but also hold your hands through the visa application procedure, with our expertise and experience, we help make sure that each and every one of the candidates that apply through us are able to do so with utmost confidence that all their paperwork and documentation is in place.

Our Immigration Services

BN Global Consulting Services as the name suggests, offer to you unparalleled advisory services for immigration to countries such as Australia, New Zealand and Canada among many others. All our consultants are registered Migration agents and are trained to work on visa applications that adhere to all the legal requirements of both countries involved, your homeland and the country you intend to immigrate to.

Applying for your Visa

  1. Your visa application procedure starts with the application assessment of the candidate to check for his or her eligibility in applying for a specific visa.
  2. Once this stage is cleared, it is time to start filling in your applications for a specific type of visa depending on the reason of your immigration.
  3. Before our team begins filling out your application information, comprehensive advice is provided on the following –
    • Skill assessment of the candidate along with visa requirement
    • Assistance in filling all the forms accurately
    • Consulting on gathering all the necessary supporting documentation that needs to be submitted along with the application.
    • Comprehensive advise o the various assessing authorities within the Australian, New Zealand or Canadian governments.
    • Comprehensive follow up for the application with the Department of Immigration and Citizenship. Also, making sure the candidate is in the loop at all times.
    • Provide sufficient guidance with respect to all the financial documents that need to be submitted with the Visa application form.

With an extremely proactive approach, we at BN Global Consulting Services are able to make sure that each and every applicant that passes through our office acquires seamless application experiences.

For more information on our visa application and immigration consulting services, call us on 04-02652084, 03-86486464, 0120-4114965 or write to us on Australia@globalcareerabroad.com.au.