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Terms and Condition

1. Consultant will assist student in admission to education institution, and will provide list of potential schools based on students indicated interests and evaluation of Students potential for admission to such schools. Consultant will apply on behalf of student to potential schools.

2. The Student agrees to fully and truthfully disclose Students academic record as well as any other pertinent information to the best of their knowledge.

3. It shall be sole responsibility of the Student, at their sole cost to obtain any standardized test scores ,or any other necessary documents, arrange for the transmission of any such test scores, and/or documents, finalize pay for and transmit any such test scores, documents and/or application to be submitted. Student shall be responsible to maintain enrolment, by paying fees, attending classes etc, as per school policy.

4. Student will be responsible for payment of expenses which we incur on his behalf. This may include Tuition fee, OSHC Fee, Enrolment fee etc. Consultant shall advise you the approximate fee you shall incur before we apply for offer letter. Student agrees to pay fees and expenses which will incur on his behalf.

5. Student agrees to change his education institution and willing to get admission in other institution and is responsible for this act. Student is aware of immigration rules of changing provider and courses.

6. Parties hereto understand, acknowledge and agree that consultant shall bear no liability for any(or all) school admission decisions with respect to Student.

7. Student may end our engagement by written notice at any time, on termination of this agreement; we may cease to act for you.

8. The provision of this agreement are severable, and if one or more provisions may be determined to be illegal or otherwise unenforceable, in whole or in part, the remaining provisions, and any partially enforceable provisions to the extent of enforceable in any jurisdiction, shall nevertheless be binding and enforceable.

9. That student will adhere to Refund policy of the Institution in which he has taken admission and obtained COE from