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Training & Placement

Congratulations! You have gotten yourself an admission in one of the top most schools in Australia. That said, you realize that you have some free time in your quintessential academic week and are looking for productive ways to fill it up.

An excellent option to consider is finding the right training or internship program that helps you gain some high quality real world experiences while you also boost your academic candidature.

Training and Placements in Australia

In Australia, each and every international student is legally permitted to work and earn for about 20 hours every week. Furthermore, during the holidays, there is no cap on how many hours you need to put in per week. This opens up significant prospects for international students to have a holistic experience during their years in a foreign country.

Objective of Training

The idea of applying for a comprehensive training or placement program is to leverage opportunities to develop receptive minds that help inculcate the right set of skills required to sustain and find success in the real world. Key skill sets such as interpersonal relationship management, communication and money management come into play when finding ways to balance time between work, study and having an active social student live.

By maximizing the opportunities provided by a placement program, students are able to become productive members of society and pave a path to a full-filling future of self actualization

Our Training and Placement Offerings

Through our strategic partnerships with BN Global Consulting Services Private Limited, we at Global Career Abroad have been able to offer the best opportunities in work and study to all our candidates. Their network of agents and employers makes its relatively easy for candidates to find a suitable training program during their tenure in Australia.

BN Global Consulting Services Private Limited helps our students in finding the right training and placement program. While it is difficult to guarantee a placement for every candidate, we make it our personal endeavor to maximize our efforts in marrying the right candidate with the right job.

How does this Work?

As soon as a student accepts admission into a university, we at Global Career Abroad help them touch base with the right representative at BN Global Consulting. The advisor there will understand your existing profile, your academic background, long term goals and skills and provide you with a list of matching openings that may suite your requirements.

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For more information on the training and placement procedure, call us on 04-02652084, 03-86486464 or write to us on Australia@globalcareerabroad.com.au.