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Why Choose Australia

A surprisingly large population of students from India and the rest of the world are choosing to move to Australia to enjoy its academic treasures and find opportunities for professional growth. There are a number of reasons why Australia has continued to maintain a great spot on the map of potential countries to move to for further education.

Best Universities and World-Class Cities

Australia ranks third right after the United States and the United Kingdom for having the largest international student population in the world. Furthermore, out of the top 100 universities in the world, 7 reside in the land down under. In addition to having highly robust academic credentials this country is home to a number of cities that are conducive to student life and high quality education, coming together to make it a favorable option when planning your higher education. Australia is home to 5 of the 30 top most cities in the world for students. This is taking into consideration the quality of life, future job prospects and affordability.

Great Academic Focus

With the Australian government having announced about $200 million towards scholarships for international students, the country evidently welcomes global talent with open arms. Furthermore, a host of universities that exist within the borders of this giant island highlight the sheer diversity of programs available here. Especially if you wish to pursue courses in life and agriculture sciences, natural sciences and math, clinical medicine, pharmacy or physics, you have a chance to apply to some of the best universities in the world offering these programs.

One of a Kind Learning Experience

The Land Down Under offers academic experiences that can significantly contribute to your potential in this globally competitive world. With a unique approach to teaching and learning, Australian academic systems motivate students to channel their inner innovations and find ways to think independently.

Graduating from a reputed university in Australia is an excellent way to improve your career prospects and holding prominent positions across industries in companies all over the world.

Australia the Melting Pot

Taking into consideration the fact that it is an English speaking nation with a safe and friendly community environment, students are able to independently make their way around regardless of whether this is their first time in the country. With a standard of living that is highly value for money, tuition costs and living expenses tend to be more affordable here than other countries such as the US and the UK. For more information on student life in Australia, contact our experts at BN Global Consulting Services.